Michigan Interhash 2017

In April of 1987, the Michigan Motown Ann Arbor Hash House Harriers (or some combination thereof) commenced hashing. Since then, everything has gone downhill, thanks to you fin halfminds. So, to celebrate 30 years of f#cking awesome, we’re hosting the Michigan Analversary Interhash!This event will be August 4-6, 2017 at the Proud Lake Recreation area in Commerce Township. In true Gispert form, we will be hosting a summercamp unlike any you’ve seen before. There will be b##r, games, b##r games, hashing, b##r, camping, skits, maybe a “ball buster” for you overachievers, home-brewed b##r, dr#nk archery(?!) patches, cafeteria food(!) maybe a b##r mile, and more b##r. After that, we’ll have a Sunday morning fat boy that begins and ends with b##r. FUN! This is a camping hash, so bring your tent or sleep under the stars. Shower area provided.So dust off your old girl scout (or boy scout) uniform, get your sash updated with the latest b##r mile patch, and save the date for this epic hash!

Address: Proud Lake State Recreation Area, 2700 Glengary Rd, Commerce Charter Twp, MI 48390

MOA2H3 will make arrangements to loan camping gear for outstate hashers, please send an email to moa2hhh@gmail.com if you need equipment to attend.

Registration instructions below.! Be there or we’ll run your underwear up the flagpole…while you’re still in them

REGO is $109.00 Price to increase April 30, 2017

Registration Instructions:

Rego, it is a 2 step process:
1. Complete the MOA2H3 REGO form online below.
2. Click on “Buy Now” icon to pay via PayPal (nerd name for the paypal account is Christopher M…..). When paying with PayPal, DO NOT check the box paying for Goods.  If you prefer to pay by check please email moa2hhh@gmail.com for mailing instructions.

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#291 Water Balloon Hash – cancelled

Where:  1121 Sweet St NE, Grand Rapids, MI 49505 (off Fuller between Knapp and Leonard)
When:  Tuesday / August 23rd, 2016
Time:  6:00pm on out at 6:15pm
Trail:  This will be about a 3 mile A to A trail with 1 beer stop and a shiggy level of 1 (on a 1-5 scale).  This is with 5 being the toughest (concrete jungle)
Hare:  Hot Lips
Hash Cash:  $6.00 for drinkers and $3.00 for non-drinkers
On-In:  Back yard
1. This is a water balloon hash so cum prepared…..
2.  For more info contact Hot Lips at 616-490-8435


Where:  Meet in the parking lot at Birch Lodge *732 Michigan St NE, Grand Rapids”
When:  Sunday / April 24?????
Time:  1:00pm on out at 1:15pm
Trail:  This will be about a 3 mile A to A trail with 1 beer stop and a shiggy level of 1 (on a 1-5 scale).  This is with 5 being the toughest (concrete jungle)
Hare:  Hot Lips
Hash Cash:  $6.00 for drinkers and $3.00 for non-drinkers
On-In:  Birch Lodge (free taco bar till 3:00pm
Notes:  1. Please respond asap as to which day is preferred the 17th or 24th?  2.  For more info contact Hot Lips at 616-490-8435

#289 Caped Super Hero Hash


Hare:  Hot Lips

Date / Time:  Sunday, October 18th at 2:00pm (on out at 2:15pm)

On-On Start Location:  Logans’ Alley – parking lot (916 Michigan St NE, Grand Rapids, MI 49503)

On-In:  Logans Alley

Hash Cash:  $6.00 for brews and lite snacks

Notes: 1. Wear your superhero costumes and bring your whistles.  2. Call 616-490-8435 for any questions. See you Sunday.

On On!

#284 A visiting Hasher sets a trail! Out of town special hash!

check4Hare:  3 Inches of Pain

Date / Time:  Monday, August 10th at 6:30 PM (on out at 6:45pm)

Date / Time:  Monday, August 10th at 6:30 PM (on out 6:45pm)

Location:  Fremont area:

Looking at setting a great trail and my goal is that your feet won’t hit concrete or asphalt the entire run. Probably 5-6 miles with a mystery liquid stop near the On In. Bring bug spray and a torch just in case…but I will sweep to make sure nobody turns into mosquito food.

Fastest way to get there from GR is to take I-96 West to the Nunica exit (about 5 minutes past Coopersville). Turn right/north at the Nunica Exit and follow Maple Island Road for 25-30 minutes until it finally runs into M-82. Turn right/North onto M-82 and go 4 miles to Roosevelt Road.

Turn left/west on Roosevelt Road and go 1/2 mile to Main Street (small dirt road on right).  Turn right/North on Main Street and we are first driveway on left.

Notes:  A Michigander at heart, but now a resident of Guengzo,  China, a fellow Hasher will be setting a trail hash in his hometown of Fremont, Michigan. More details to come in the upcoming days.

Come prepared for a jaunt throughout forests, singing, and a final stop which will include grilling. And beer. And. More. Beer. There’s always beer. It’s the Hash House Harriers.

Call 231-335-8797 for any questions. See you Monday.

On On!



WHEN / TIME:  Monday / August 3rd at 6:00pm (on out at 6:15pm)

HARE:  Dirty Little Crack

HASH CASH:  $5.00 for beers and lite snacks

LOCATION: Where:  Martin Luther King Park (Fuller and Franklin SE 49506)

Hash Cash:  $5 to cover the beverage stops and the On-In.

1. We’ll be waiting near the intersection of Fuller & Franklin
2. Dirty Little Crack says it’ll be a 4-5 mile jaunt through various enviroments, a few beverage stops, culminating near the meeting point, at a haunted place. Bring a good attitude, low expectations….. and remember your whistles
 See you there! On on.



#282 “Sweet Home Michigan” Hash (Note: meeting on Lexington Street)


LOCATION: Douglas Park (640 Douglas St NW, Grand Rapids, MI 49503): located between Gold, Chatham and Lexington on the West Side of GR. 

Please note that we are meeting on Lexington Street

TRAIL:  This will be a 4 mile trail, open to runners & walkers, with various stops for beverages, culminating in the Hash circle with more beverages at a special spot.

WHEN:  Monday / July 20th at 6pm and come ready for a fun A to almost A trail

HARE:  Hard to Swallow – My first Hash, as Hare (the name given to the member who sets the trail), in Grand Rapids and you’re invited! For this reason, the theme of this Hash will be “Sweet Home Michigan” so come donned in your best Michigan gear.

HASH CASH: $5 will cover an “unofficial beverage” and snacks throughout the Hash and beverages for the final circle. Drinks at the “official” stop during the trail will be on  your own



Hare:  Hard to Swallow, Virgins:  Just Jamie, Craig and Jackie, Visitor:  Gag Me from Madrid, Hashers attending: Dirty Little Crack, Just Jonathan and Hot Lips

Another Shitty trail and first trail for Hard to Swallow in the USA.  A to B trail set with white chalk awesome…

#281 A Hot Summer Hash-post 4th of July


WHAT:  Summer Hashing fireworks
WHEN:  Monday / July 6th at 6:00pm (on out at 6:15pm)

HARES:  Just Michelle and Hot Lips
ON IN:  Beer Garden

HASH CASH:  $5.00 for beers and lite snacks
LOCATION: The Meanwhile (1005 Wealthy St Se, Grand Rapids, MI 49506)

TRAIL: 3 miles with a shaggy level of 1 (scale 1-5)
NOTE:  $3 Pitchers of PBR and $2 bottles of Short’s Brown, Pale & Pilsner

TAIL OF THE TRAIL:  What the heck the trail was SHITTY.  Got to love it:  way toooooo much shaggy with an incredible amount of puddle jumping across a sidewalk, not enough loud carpet crawlers, more sugar was needed for munching on, and the crazy streets where bombarded with strange looking vehicles.

MISDEMEANORS AND ALLOGATIONS:  Virgin –  Just Sheri, Transplants – Hard to Swallow and Dirty Little Crack, DFL – Just Michelle (so nice to not let Sheri have the award), FRB – Dirty Little Crack (with his brown eye), Pointing on trail – Just Michelle, Jonathan and Sheri, no hash gear / whistles – Just Jonathan and Sheri, Hash shit award – Hot Lips

NOTE:  Hard to Swallow will start a meetup group for the Hash House Harriers of GR



WHAT:  Summer Hashing
WHEN:  Monday / June 22nd
LOCATION: Founders Brewery on Grandville Avenue, downtown Grand Rapids (235 Grandville Ave. SW) meeting in front of Founders
ON OUT:   6:00pm (on out at 6:15pm)
ON IN:  Beer Garden

Monday: Cheap Pint Night
7pm – close, $3.00 class 1 pints, $4.50 class 2 pints (check 
What’s on Tap)

Please RSVP asap if you plan on attending.  On On,
Hot Lips (

Hashing Notes:  So awesome just get out of here….  we had 8 hashers tonight – couldn’t believe it!!!!  This is what I heard about the trail from hashers:  it was a very shitty trail with not enough pavement, mud and rain water, mickey mouse was located by the river, where are all the homeless critters?, fish and diapher smells coming from the dumpsters, actual on site dumpster eating was seen.

Misdemeaners and allogations consisted of: Returner – Whiskeydick, FRB’s – Brandie and Jonathan, DFL – Lucan, Pointing – Michelle, Transplant / Late Cummer / no running clothes including shoes – Lucan, our only ginger – Karen, Virgins – Jonathan, Brandie, Karen, Michelle, Hash Shit award – Lucan

#279 Happy Spring – Post Easter Hash (Post Poned!)

thumper and JetWhat:  Spring Hashing – Post EasterEmoji

When:  Sunday / April 12th at 3:00pm

Location: The Elbow Room, 501 Fuller Ave Ne, Grand Rapids, MI 49503 (just off I96 on Fuller) 616-454-6666 (meeting in the parking lot)

Di-Erections:  From I96 take Fuller Exit #79 (just off the exit corner of Fuller and Race Street) Meeting in the parking lot  

Hare: To be announced

On In: To be decided

Hash Cash: five bucks for beer and light snacks

Please RSVP as to hashing for this event to this email or contacting Hot Lips at 616-490-8435


1. Please bring id’s

2. Wear your rabit attire

3. Bring whistles……..