Monthly Archives: July 2013

# 264 Monday is a Drinking Day (Day, time and location change)

Date/Time: August 19th/Monday, 2013 at 6:30pm

Hare: Whiskey Dicken

Start Location: John Ball Park, 1300 W. Fulton Street, Grand Rapids 49504 (middle parking lot, South side)

On-In Location: Parking lot

OnOnOn Location: TBA

Hash Di-Erections: TBA

Hash Cash: $5.00 Hash Cash for Beverages and lite snacks

1. Come on out to John Ball Park and have a few brews, than off to hunt as a group for more. There is a designated trail we run (marked with flour and chalk) along to find out where the beer is at! We have our own rituals that will make you feel great in no time!