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Greater Lansing H3 – Red Dress Run(February 22)

To: Greater Lansing area Hash House Harriers

Trail has been set!

Below is the official invitation to the 2014 Red Dress Run, and trail has been set!

This year’s route will start at MBC on S. Washington at 2:00 PM. Announcements will be made and the pack will be rallied. We will then proceed to the Capitol Steps for a photo op. On-On to the Tin Can, where we’ll have the bar to ourselves as this fine establishment has agreed to open an hour early and provide hash-exclusive specials! We’ll make our way to the Avenue Cafe (formerly Gone Wired) and experience one of Lansing’s newest hot spots. Then we’ll head to the Waterfront Bar and Grille, our last stop of RDR 2014.

Note: It would advantageous to pay in cash. This will be more convenient for the servers and bartenders who are going to be slammed, and speed up service for you and your path to beer.

Begin at MBC
Capitol steps for a photo
Tin Can
The Avenue Cafe
Waterfront Bar and Grille