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#275 Summer Hashing: Rubik’s Cube Hash (reschuduled for Monday/Aug. 4th)

Summer Hashing “Rubik’s Cube Hash”
rubiks cube 2 rubiks cube
Date:  Monday / August 4th, 2014
Prelube: 6:00pm and on out at 6:30
Hares: Just Drew
On-On Start Location: Founders Brewery, Grandville Avenue SE, Grand Rapids, Michigan
On-In Location: TBA
Cost: $5.00 for brews and lite snacks
1. What is a Rubik’s Cube Hash You Say? In order for this to work everyone needs to show up in multi-colored clothing…which means each article of your clothing at the start needs to be one of the original colors associated with the Rubik’ s cube ( Then through the series of clothing exchanges on trail, in public bathrooms, in the Dining area of  Grand Rapids’ best restaurants and/ or in a homeless person’s tent you need to show up to the finish with matching colored clothing (ie..all red clothes, blue…etc).  Don’t go out and buy special clothes for this event.  The prominent color of your clothing will work fine.  Don’t forget  your trusty whistle.
It’s really easy…the idea is that each article of clothing you start with has to be a different color and the colors have to be the same as the original rubiks cube colors (red, blue, yellow, green, orange, and white; all primary and secondary colors and white))…then through a series of clothing exchanges the you hopefully end up in clothes consisting of one color.  I would suggest wearing a pair of thin socks under the socks you are going to trade on trail…that way you don’t end up with someone else’s foot fungi.
2. Please rsvp for this event by emailing Hot Lips at or text/call 616-490-8435
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#274 Summer Hashing: Water Toys Hash (water balloons and guns, etc….)


water-balloonsDate / Time:  Tuesday/ July 15 at 6:00pm

Hares: Humper in the Dumper and Hot Lips

On-On Start Location:  The Elbow Room, 501 Fuller Ave Ne, Grand Rapids, MI 49503 (just off I96 on Fuller) 616-454-6666 (meeting in the parking lot)

On-In Location: Fire pit with grill at Just Tims’ (Check with Hot Lips for address)

Cost:  $5.00 for beer and lite snacks during trail…  (extra $$$ for more beer and pizza, etc… TBD)

Notes: 1. Bring ids  2.Water toys of sorts and water   3. White/wet t-shirt contest come on and join