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#281 A Hot Summer Hash-post 4th of July


WHAT:  Summer Hashing fireworks
WHEN:  Monday / July 6th at 6:00pm (on out at 6:15pm)

HARES:  Just Michelle and Hot Lips
ON IN:  Beer Garden

HASH CASH:  $5.00 for beers and lite snacks
LOCATION: The Meanwhile (1005 Wealthy St Se, Grand Rapids, MI 49506)

TRAIL: 3 miles with a shaggy level of 1 (scale 1-5)
NOTE:  $3 Pitchers of PBR and $2 bottles of Short’s Brown, Pale & Pilsner

TAIL OF THE TRAIL:  What the heck the trail was SHITTY.  Got to love it:  way toooooo much shaggy with an incredible amount of puddle jumping across a sidewalk, not enough loud carpet crawlers, more sugar was needed for munching on, and the crazy streets where bombarded with strange looking vehicles.

MISDEMEANORS AND ALLOGATIONS:  Virgin –  Just Sheri, Transplants – Hard to Swallow and Dirty Little Crack, DFL – Just Michelle (so nice to not let Sheri have the award), FRB – Dirty Little Crack (with his brown eye), Pointing on trail – Just Michelle, Jonathan and Sheri, no hash gear / whistles – Just Jonathan and Sheri, Hash shit award – Hot Lips

NOTE:  Hard to Swallow will start a meetup group for the Hash House Harriers of GR


WHAT:  Summer Hashing
WHEN:  Monday / June 22nd
LOCATION: Founders Brewery on Grandville Avenue, downtown Grand Rapids (235 Grandville Ave. SW) meeting in front of Founders
ON OUT:   6:00pm (on out at 6:15pm)
ON IN:  Beer Garden

Monday: Cheap Pint Night
7pm – close, $3.00 class 1 pints, $4.50 class 2 pints (check 
What’s on Tap)

Please RSVP asap if you plan on attending.  On On,
Hot Lips (

Hashing Notes:  So awesome just get out of here….  we had 8 hashers tonight – couldn’t believe it!!!!  This is what I heard about the trail from hashers:  it was a very shitty trail with not enough pavement, mud and rain water, mickey mouse was located by the river, where are all the homeless critters?, fish and diapher smells coming from the dumpsters, actual on site dumpster eating was seen.

Misdemeaners and allogations consisted of: Returner – Whiskeydick, FRB’s – Brandie and Jonathan, DFL – Lucan, Pointing – Michelle, Transplant / Late Cummer / no running clothes including shoes – Lucan, our only ginger – Karen, Virgins – Jonathan, Brandie, Karen, Michelle, Hash Shit award – Lucan