Come on out and celebrate Christmas in GR. Wear your red attire, bells, hats, as we hit the streets.

Date/time: Sunday-Dec 22/2:00 pm

Where: Teazers Bar and Grill, Ottawa avenue (inside at the bar)

Hash cash: $5.oo
1.contact Hot Lips
2.hash visitors arriving by sleigh from Philadelphi……
3.bring id’s

Hash Trail:
Attending Hashers included
Seaman on the Poopdeck – visitor from Philidelphia H3
Humper on the Dumper – visitor from Huachuca H3, Arizona
Whiskey Dicken Guy, Just Drew – hashers
Just Daniel – Virgin
Just Nicholas – Returner
Hare – Hot Lips

Out onto the streets of GR we hashed wearing our Xmas attire. Marks where seen made with red and green chalk and arrows in the snow. The calder and other places was marked with grh3 wordings seen far and wide. Thoughts of iceskating at Rosa Park Circle happened as we ran on by, burrrrrrrrr.

First BN was located at the BOB/2nd floor for $2.00 beers near the fireplace. Hash Xmas songs where song with gloriness and socials. On out was pursued with several hashers getting off trail and taking a long cut (not a short). We soon discovered another BN location of McFaddens on Ionia for more $2.00 beers – sweeet Santa! After more consuming beverages and foods on out we headed (who said head?). Straight trail back to the on in of Teazers (back room) for $5.50 pitchers of PBR and snacks provided by Hot Lips. Circle took place with much enjoyment….. more to cum

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