GRAND RAPIDS HASH HOUSE HARRIERS  (www.grh3.org)fireworks

Date / Time:  Tuesday/ July 1 at 6:00pm

Hare: Uncle Touchy

On-On Start Location:  Grand Rapids Brewery (1 Ionia SW, Grand Rapids (corner of Ionia and Fulton Streets)

On-In Location: TBA

Cost: $5.00 for beverages and lite snacks

Notes: 1. Bring additional cash and id’s  2. $2.00 pints of tier one and two beers

Tail of the Trail:  Holy moly we had 11 hashers out on this wonderful summer night.  We decided to all )mostly( follow a premarked 3 mile course set by the New Holland Beer Run which started across from us at BW3.  This was because of a big storm the night before that washed out our dead trail marks.  What would this be called in hashing terms if you take over another events trail?  Any ideas?

More info to come……



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