#281 A Hot Summer Hash-post 4th of July


WHAT:  Summer Hashing fireworks
WHEN:  Monday / July 6th at 6:00pm (on out at 6:15pm)

HARES:  Just Michelle and Hot Lips
ON IN:  Beer Garden

HASH CASH:  $5.00 for beers and lite snacks
LOCATION: The Meanwhile (1005 Wealthy St Se, Grand Rapids, MI 49506)

TRAIL: 3 miles with a shaggy level of 1 (scale 1-5)
NOTE:  $3 Pitchers of PBR and $2 bottles of Short’s Brown, Pale & Pilsner

TAIL OF THE TRAIL:  What the heck the trail was SHITTY.  Got to love it:  way toooooo much shaggy with an incredible amount of puddle jumping across a sidewalk, not enough loud carpet crawlers, more sugar was needed for munching on, and the crazy streets where bombarded with strange looking vehicles.

MISDEMEANORS AND ALLOGATIONS:  Virgin –  Just Sheri, Transplants – Hard to Swallow and Dirty Little Crack, DFL – Just Michelle (so nice to not let Sheri have the award), FRB – Dirty Little Crack (with his brown eye), Pointing on trail – Just Michelle, Jonathan and Sheri, no hash gear / whistles – Just Jonathan and Sheri, Hash shit award – Hot Lips

NOTE:  Hard to Swallow will start a meetup group for the Hash House Harriers of GR

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